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Empowering youth in foster care to have a brighter future. 


On any given day, nearly 437,500 youth are in the foster care system in the United
States. Of the thousands of youth who enter the system each year, most arrive
carrying little more than the clothes on their backs. If they are afforded the
opportunity to collect any personal belongings, many are then given a trash bag in
which to place and carry their personal items.

Rob Scheer experienced this indignity firsthand. Forty years ago, he entered the
foster care system as a child who had lost both parents. He was brought into a house
of strangers with all of his belongings in a tattered and torn trash bag. Eight years
ago, 4 children, who are now his daughter and 3 sons, arrived on his doorstep through
foster care. As they entered his home for the very first time, each clutched a garbage
bag holding the few items they called their own. Scheer was floored. How, after thirty
years, were children in the foster system still carrying their life in a bag used for
trash? After searching for a means to provide dignity to kids in care, an idea was born.
With the vision of assembling cases for youth in need, an invitation was extended to the
community for family and friends to come together. In December 2013, this gathering marked
the first Packing Party to assemble what is now lovingly called Comfort Cases was born.


Supporting education and innovation.


Comfort Cases

Every child deserves to know that they matter. When Comfort Cases provides a case to a child in need, we not only offer them new items that they can keep during their journey, we also provide them with dignity and the notion that someone cares about what they are going through.

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A Forever Family

In the tradition of The Promise of a Pencil and Kisses from Katie comes an inspirational memoir by the founder of Comfort Cases about his turbulent childhood in the foster care system and the countless obstacles and discrimination he endured in adopting his four children. 

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Speaking Engagements

Find out how to book Rob below.

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